Replacement Concealed Carry Class Certificate

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Lost your certificate of competency? No problem. 

B&B Tactical maintains digital copies of certificates for every student we teach and can get you what you need for your initial CHL application or renewal. We will mail a signed copy of your certificate via USPS Priority Mail as long as you are applying for your first CHL and it is within three years of when you took our class.

If you attended one of our classes more than three years ago - and you have not yet applied for your first CHL - you WILL be required by the State to take the class again.

If you are renewing your existing CHL (even if it has expired), the certificate will still be valid.

In the Instructions box below, please provide:

  • your LEGAL NAME (as printed on your driver's license)
  • APPROXIMATE DATE of your class so that we can be sure we have the right person (there are a lot of James Smiths out there)
  • PLEASE put your mailing the address in the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER" box when you proceed to the checkout page.


Feel free to CONTACT US with any questions