Printable Practice Targets

B&B Tactical is happy to provide a selection of targets that will help shooters develop their skills. The targets presented here can be downloaded as PDFs so that you can print them as needed.

We use these targets ourselves as well as with our students as they  are designed to help the shooter focus on the improvement of stance, grip, trigger control and speed.

All targets have instructions printed on them but we encourage users to develop their own courses of fire and standards to better fit their needs and level of experience.


Basic Speed and Shot Correction Target

This  target is used to identify and help adjust the shooter's misses and introduce the element of speed. (Click the target to view/download)





2" Circles Target

2" Circle Precision Drill

Fired from 15 feet, this target is a tightened version of the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor target. The goal is to achieve an 80% hit rate (4/5 on each circle - 16/20 overall). This is an untimed target and is a brilliant way to practice trigger control and stop shooters from trying to anticipate break/recoil. (Click the target to view/download)



6-4-2 Shooting Target

6-4-2 Drill

Fired from 10 feet, this target forces the shooter to change sight picture and alignment and control their trigger while moving from 6" to 4" to 2" targets. (Click the target to view/download) 




Three Zone - Three Distance Target


This target applies all of the skills of defensive shooting: speed, accuracy when changing target areas, and planning the follow-up shots. Shooters will fire two rounds into each of the boxes in this order: 1-2-1-3 (8 rounds total). Move the target from 10 feet to 15 feet and then 20 feet as your skills develop.