B&B Firearms Training

B&B Tactical offers multiple firearms safety and shooting classes and courses of instruction  for our students. From new and future firearms owners to avid shooters, we have a course that is perfect for your level of skill and interest, including:

B&B Tactical offers Northwest Ohio's most attended and highest-rated concealed carry class. Our custom program covers everything needed to apply for your Ohio CCW permit and expands into detailed explanations and practical application of the law, provides foundational defensive shooting instruction and a safety and gun-handling curriculum designed to be beneficial for new and experienced shooters.

This is a dynamic, six-hour course that begins in the classroom with instruction and practice with draw, fire and movement techniques using Laser SIRT and air pistols before moving to the range so that our students can put what they've learned to use in a live-fire session.

Ohio CHL and Self-Defense Laws
Our two hour, online seminar is designed for citizens who aren't required to take a full class before applying for their Concealed Handgun License and individuals who have had their CHL for years and aren't familiar with the constantly changing laws. Stay on the right side of the law while protecting yourself and your loved ones.