Ohio CCW / Concealed Carry Classes in Toledo

With CCW classes and range work conducted just outside of Toledo, Ohio, B&B Tactical provides practical instruction that is critical for everyone that chooses to carry a concealed handgun - REGARDLESS of license requirements.

B&B Tactical Concealed Carry Class in Toledo, Ohio


The B&B Tactical team offers a depth of knowledge and practical, real-world experience that is unmatched in Northwest Ohio. There are two primary stand-out features and cornerstones of our class. First is an in-depth understanding of the law and applying it to real-life scenarios; rivaled only by safety, understanding of Ohio Law as it relates to concealed carry and self-defense use of firearms should be the primary goal of every student looking to get their Ohio Concealed Handgun License. Second is our ability to draw from personal experience in actual encounters with bad guys; this experience gives us the ability to connect concepts, skills, special considerations, and emotional reactions to what you may encounter should you ever have the need to defend yourself with a firearm.


The ability to protect yourself and your loved ones starts with being a safe gun owner and operator. To that end, B&B Tactical teaches, stresses, and enforces safety throughout the entire course, whether we’re working with training aids, unloaded pistols, or we’re hot on the range.

Our concealed carry class places particular emphasis on instilling in our students the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to be safe and effective pistol operators.

CCW Class in Toledo, Ohio

For nearly everyone, a concealed carry class – and then legally carrying in public – is a new experience. Basically: you don’t know what you don’t know. B&B Tactical understands this completely and gives students the foundation to be safe, legal and effective concealed carriers. From learning about safe handling, storage and use of firearms to maintaining proper situational awareness and the legal DO’s and DON’T’s of being a concealed carry citizen, our goal is to ensure that you are as prepared as possible before holstering a gun and stepping onto the street.

Our concealed carry class students don’t just sit for 6 hours being told what to do – they spend time learning HOW to do what is needed – and how to do it right. From new and non-gun-owners to long-time shooters, our explanations of defensive shooting fundamentals and practicing those basics in the comfort of the classroom set up our students for success on the range and in public.

Over 40% of our students are new or inexperienced shooters and our job is to give them the first level of training they need to be safe, comfortable and confident gun owners. For our experienced shooters, we work to instill the understanding that defensive shooting is vastly different than standing upright and open on a safe firing line and punching holes in paper.

This is the area that we stress the most. By enrolling in a concealed carry class, our students have taken a giant leap toward the enduring goal of safe gun ownership. B&B Tactical doesn’t exist to empower people looking to be “citizen law-enforcement” and we have zero interest in teaching those with the, “The next time someone does/says…” mindset. We are here to keep you safe so that you can do the same for yourself and your loved ones.

B&B Tactical understands that education and training are two separate - but related – areas of focus and we work to give our students both. To accomplish this, use a combination of academic instruction and hands-on firearm training both on and off the range.

Upon completion of our course, you will have everything you need to apply for your Ohio Concealed Handgun License as well as the confident to carry your gun safely and legally.