Self-Defense Shooting Class - Toledo


What is the B&B Tactical Self-Defense Shooting Fundamentals Course?


Shooting in a dynamic, defensive situation is a far cry from pumping rounds into a target from the comfort and stability of a range stall.
The B&B Tactical Defensive Shooting Fundamentals course teaches you the skills to end a threat IMMEDIATELY by using your body's natural reactions to dangerous situations.

This class provides the unique opportunity to develop skills in a safe, inert environment before transferring those abilities to the range with draw-from-your-holster, live-fire shooting.

This is an action-based class that covers topics such as:
  • Maintaining proper situational awareness
  • Drawing and firing your weapon
  • Moving "Off the Line" to gain the advantage during an attack
  • Firing quickly - and accurately - without relying on your gun's sight
  • Maintaining a 360* awareness

This dynamic, six-hour course begins in the classroom with instruction and practice with draw, fire and movement techniques using Laser SIRT and air pistols and then swings directly to the range so that our students can put what they've learned to use in a live-fire session.


This is a medium-advanced shooting course and we require that all students be CONFIDENT in their abilities to shoot accurately and safely before signing up for this class. We WILL teach you defensive-shooting-specific skills, but this is NOT a "learn to shoot" course. We reserve the right to remove and refund students for persistent or egregious unsafe handling of firearms at any point during this course.

In order to enroll and attend this class, students MUST:
  • Be able to stand and move for extended periods. THIS IS AN ACTIVE CLASS
  • Be CONFIDENT in their ability to safely handle and fire their weapon
  • Have a valid concealed carry license (any state and non-expired)
  • Have their own gun and holster
  • Have ear and eye protection
    • These will be used in the classroom and on the range
    • We do sell both if you need them (see list when signing up for the class or pay in-person
    • Rental ear/eye protection is also available
  • Wear long pants with a STURDY, leather belt in the classroom and on the range
    • Even if you don't carry on your hip, we will be practicing from that location throughout the class.
  • Wear comfortable, close-toed shoes
    • You will be on your feet and moving for a majority of this class
  • Have 100 rounds of ammunition
    • We understand that ammo is expensive and not easy to get. B&B Tactical DOES have access to .22, 9mm, .380 and 38spl at slightly better than retail store rates
    • We can sell ONLY enough for use in the class 
    • See the ammo list and purchase when signing up for the class

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