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B&B Tactical - Toledo, Ohio Firearms Training

B&B Tactical is the leading firearms instruction team in Toledo, Ohio - training more than 1000 people each year in every area of gun safety, handling and shooting.

From our NRA New Shooter seminar to Ohio Concealed Carry classes and dynamic self-defense shooting training, B&B Tactical has a program available for individuals and families at every level of experience and skill.

We work hard to ensure that every student develops the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude necessary to be safe, comfortable and confident firearms owners.

Permitless Carry in Ohio

Ohio became a "Contitutional" or "Permitless" carry state on June 13, 2022. Though QUALIFYING ADULTS are no longer required to obtain a license to carry handguns concealed in Ohio, citizens are reqposnible for learning and understanding how to carry safely and legally.

B&B Tactical HIGHLY recommends new carriers to attend a concealed carry or gun safety course before carrying a concealed handgun in public.

To learn more about the changes to concealed carry law, please read our summary of changes HERE.

what our students say

Both Bens were great very respectful, helpful, & funny. At first I had anxiety & I was nervous but with the help of Ben H. I achieved what I've been wanting for 5 years. Timing of the glass was great they even worked with my work schedule. I appreciate them so much for teaching me so I can protect my kids & myself. I strongly recommend this class.

KELLY L. on Facebook

I have been shooting for quite a while. But when it comes to the laws I learned a lot. Ben and Ben are both very knowledgeable and very interactive. Ben Johnson helped tweak my grip just a little and within minutes fixed an issue I have had for a few years.

WILLIAM W. - Facebook

Great class and Great guys! Highly recommend B&B Tactical. Informative and entertaining. Whether you're a beginner or experienced these guys cover everything you need to carry with confidence! Thank you Ben & Ben

DEREK H. on Google

These guys were awesome!! Learned A LOT from them. Love that they stress they are available anytime we need something or have questions. Class wasn't boring and kept your attention throughout. They really are a class act in this training!!

HEIDI M. on Google

Not all CHL/CCW classes are created equal. I have taken a class before but this one is the best. The instructors Ben and Ben are terrific. SAFETY is stressed throughout the class and all your questions will be answered. If you’re thinking about obtaining a CCW permit this is the class to take.

MIKES and TAMMY S. on Facebook